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A classic swimming pond, Dordogne
(Périgord Blanc)

When I was invited to this house for an orientation talk, the slope where the swimming pond now lies was steeply sloping towards the surrounding forest; it was not really usable for anything. On the other side of the house, the hill went further up, so there was no horizontal terrain. The owners wanted to create a usable garden where the grandchildren could play football and with a swimming pond for young and old. We made them a proposal as it was eventually built. The hill was excavated and levelled almost horizontally, and the excavated soil was used to fill in the area around the swimming pond. For the shape of the swimming pond, we chose classical. The round shapes are soft and go well with the landscaped garden and the nature around it. The location was chosen so that, in addition to the terrace at the swimming pond, the swimming water can also be easily seen from the two terraces of the house, which was also important for keeping an eye on the swimming grandchildren.

In the pictures you can see the mature plants in the filter and the decorative elements that the owners have later added themselves. The planting around the swimming pond was taken care of by us and makes the swimming pond look natural and blends in perfectly with the environment.