Piscine Vivante helps you on your way to an original and beautiful natural pool/swimming pond in your garden

On this path, you will be guided and assisted by René Reint Horstman, founder of Piscine Vivante, who shows his passion for natural swimming pools and swimming ponds from the design phase to the realisation.

René makes a suitable design on the basis of the wishes you have submitted, of course after having seen the situation on site and discussed it with you. His passion for water, his creativity and his construction-technical expertise as a 'maître d'oeuvre' come in handy here. As a true entrepreneur, he also likes to roll up his sleeves during construction (read more about René's background here).

It is almost impossible for René to carry out all the executive work himself; where necessary, subcontractors are brought in for some specialised parts. We have been working together with most of them for a long time, in order to guarantee the coordination and quality of the work.

Broadly speaking, from start to finish of your natural pool or swimming pond, the following steps can be observed:

Moments during the construction of the swimming pond of
22 x 8 metres