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Natural swimming pool in the courtyard,
Dordogne (Périgord Vert)

From the start of this project, it was clear that something had to be overcome, namely the height difference on the terrain. The natural swimming pool that was to be built should not be higher than the owners' terrace in order to have a good view of the water. In the end, a natural stone retaining wall was chosen on the high side of the site, which rises out of the water and blends in perfectly with all the surrounding buildings and walls made of the same stone. The top of this wall is finished with large old flat natural stones, one of which was placed so that it was named "Springsteen" by the children (Bruce). Two old gutter outlets from a castle near Montignac-Lascaux are incorporated into the natural stone retaining wall to create a beautiful water effect, which also provides sufficient aeration for the water.

A very large filter section for plants was constructed at the customer's request, encompassing the two other sides of the swimming area, with a natural transition from water to land. All the soil and rock cut out here has been drained and drainage installed around the natural pool to prevent the EPDM liner from floating due to ground water pressure. A natural stone staircase to a depth of 120 cm was built in the swimming area for easy access to the water.