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Overflow pool (infinity pool)
Dordogne (Périgord Noir)

The owner of this property calls me and asks if I build swimming pools. I tell him that I only design and build natural swimming pools. He says he doesn't know about them, but is interested. After some explanation, I ask him to look on the internet and if he is still interested to contact me again. Two months later, an appointment is made for an informal and exploratory meeting. During the visit, it appears to be a very modern wooden house on stilts, the architect has dropped the house in the grassland, so to speak, without any significant adjustments to the terrain; only grass around the house with a view of the surrounding hills. The owners ask me to locate a swimming pond in this rolling grassland about 25 metres from the house. It immediately occurs to me that I would then be ignoring the principles of the architect and that this would disrupt the idea of a massive block house in a more or less natural setting.
On the photos you can see what it eventually became.

By means of 2 steps and a new connecting wooden terrace, we have been able to connect the infinity pool to the house without detracting from the architectural appearance of the house on stilts. By taking these 2 steps down, the view from the living room of the house has even become more beautiful because you can look out over the water of the infinity pool and see the landscape. The plant filter is also placed so that the view of the surroundings is preserved. From the wooden terrace, you can beautifully enjoy the plant filter and the reflecting water.

All the technology, or rather the lack of it, was developed by myself. There is only one energy-saving pump without electronics or control technology, and the water is pumped around four times a day. In the event of a power failure, the swimming section and the plant filter always remain filled with water. All in all, a very successful project for which we received a compliment from the architect of the house.