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Z.E.N. = swimming pond and nature,
Dordogne (Périgord Blanc)

The owners of this self-built, energy-efficient straw-bale house had a swimming pond in mind for their private garden next to a centre for personal development, but were not yet sure where to put it. The garden was large and open, sloping towards a stream at the end of the property. The length of the natural pool became 15 metres because one of the requirements was that they should be able to swim laps in it. Against the great length we have the width just narrow kept, namely 2.75 meters and the entire length of the swimming part is a plant (heliophyte) filter of 1 meter wide projected. With a length of 15 metres, the total width of 3.75 metres gives a beautiful long effect.

The transition from water to land from the filter is beautifully laid out with rough natural stone and the other sides of the natural pool are finished with a lightly overhanging wooden terrace that immediately connects the house with the swimming pond. In the swimming water there is a staircase with steps of 30 cm to easily get in and out of the water and at the end of the swimming area there is an underwater bench created to have a drink or to meditate. The pool house behind the natural pool was built by the owners themselves using Nepalese construction methods. The wood of the building is lightly charred on the outside, which gives a beautiful effect to the whole. To connect the natural pool with the garden, we placed four rocks from a local quarry in the sightlines.