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Swimming pond of 22 x 8 metres, Dordogne (Périgord Noir)

On the first visit, it was immediately clear where the swimming pond should be. The terrain was sloping and consisted of hard rock. We had to think a little about the shape and size. All the square buildings around it first made you think of a rectangular swimming pond. Nevertheless, we decided to propose a long, more or less banana-shaped pool, the shape of which would fit in well with the road that runs along it. The circular retaining wall of local stone that we built around the pool fits in beautifully with the old buildings. From the road, only this circular retaining wall can be seen and the swimming water remains "hidden" so that there is sufficient privacy during swimming.

With its 22 metres length and maximum 8 metres width (and containing 180 m³ of water), this swimming pond is very large, but with its size it fits perfectly into its environment. When you approach the swimming pond from the house, it seems to fit exactly into the open space. A slightly higher terrace was created at the building to keep an eye on the pool water and to be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley at the same time.